Gear Girl

Debra Devi at SST Studios, Weehawken NJ

I love amps. I love turning 'em up really loud until they sing. So recording at SST Studios was like being set free in a dark-chocolate factory. They have a massive collection of vintage and modern amps. You just wheel on out whatever you wanna use. I was in amp heaven.  For my fellow gear-heads, here's a list of every amp, guitar and pedal I used on my Get Free album. 

For most of the songs, I used my 1986 Strat, which has a rosewood neck. I've customized it with jumbo frets, 2 Seymour Duncan Vintage Rails in the neck and middle position and a Seymour Duncan Hot Rails pickup at the bridge, DR Strings 9.5 

On "Love That Lasts" I used my 1992 Les Paul Special tuned to C# G# C# F# G# C# with DR Strings 10.0. I've customized it with a Gibson super-ceramic humbucker in the bridge. 

I also used my 1964 Gibson acoustic, a Taylor 12-string acoustic, and Wayne Dorell's Fender Strat with a maple neck. 

Another Day 

Acoustic – Taylor 12 string 
Monster riff – Electro Harmonix fuzz box, Marshal TSL 2000 
Crunch rhythm – Marshall JCM 800 

When It Comes Down 
Acoustic – Taylor 12 string 
Rhythm - Orange AD30 thru Orange 4X12 cab 
Lead - Marshall TSL 2000, MXR Microamp & Boss Metal Zone Pedal 

Clean – Vox AC 30 
Crunch – Gibson Discoverer 
Lead – Fender Hot Rod 

Howl at the Moon 
Clean - Vox AC30 with Treb, bass cut back 20 degrees 
Crunch – Fender Blackface 
Slide solo – Fender Hot Rod Deville, thick glass slide, bridge pickup (humbucker) 

Clean intro – direct using Wayne Dorell’s G&L Strat with maple neck 
Slide lead – Marshall TSL 2000, MXR Microamp, Boss Metal Zone pedal 
Lead - Marshall TSL 2000, MXR Microamp & Boss Metal Zone Pedal 
Outro – Vox AC30 

Demon in the Sack 
Clean – Orange AD30 thru Orange 4X12 cab 
Crunch – Marshall JCM 800, Mesa Boogie Rectifier 
Lead – Orange AD30 thru Orange cab, gain up all the way. 

Welcome to the Boneyard 
Clean - Fender Bassman thru Leslie speaker 
Crunch, Slide - Orange combo with 4X12 cabinet…two tracks, one dark and one with more mids/treble 

Get Free 
Clean – Fender Super Reverb 
Crunch – Orange combo thru Marshall 4X12 cab 
Lead - Orange thru Orange 4X12 cab 

All That I Need 
Crunch – Orange Rockerverb thru Marshall 4X12 cab 
Hook – played by Anthony Krizan on Les Paul 

Love That Lasts 
Clean – Fender Bassman 
Crunch – Mesa Boogie Rectifier 
Lead – Marshall TSL 2000, MXR Microamp, Boss Metal Zone pedal 

The Needle and the Damage Done 
Acoustic – 1964 Gibson 
Vintage dirty – Fender Blackface 
Slide – Fender Hot Rod Deville, glass slide 
Lead – Orange combo with 4X12 cabinet, Strat back pickup