Just Be Love

cardinal tattoo design by Meryl Hurwich (Inkwitch)I had the most beautiful dream last night. I was desperately searching for a lost dog along a beach when a cardinal began flying alongside me. At first I ignored it but then I realized I was ignoring a miracle. 

I stopped and turned and the bird also stopped in mid-air and turned to face me, hovering. I held up my palms as if to bless it and incredible love and joy in the form of energy came pouring out of the center of my palms toward the bird. I could see every detail in his tiny face as I stood there and he floated in the air. His black eyes, his yellow beak, each crimson feather on his head. 

Don't worry about the dog, the dog is fine, stop chasing whatever runs from you. Stand still, open your heart and just. be. love.